From 10 To 19

From 10 To 19

By Cacá Aguirre, Lucas E. Nascimento (Traductor)

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From 10 to 19 made me remember the movie Black butterfly, from director Brian Goodman, in which the character Paul, a writer – Antonio Banderas – says “All writing is a sacrifice”. By reading Cacá Aguirre’s book I felt what most writers feel when writing. Writing requires abdicating from daily moments and diving in a sea of dense moments, it is to give voice to feelings, knowledge, sensations, and ideas, through different characters from the author. It is to make oneself understood so that the readers get to understand why he writes that specific work. Cacá Aguirre publishes her adolescent truths through the journal, travelling companion from 10 to 19 years old, after 15 years. If we count that the first time she wrote she was 10 years old, 24 years has ran, enough time to present her confidante, what she could hear, as a contribution to those who think they are the only ones who have existential problems, a mess in the heard, a bunch of questions without answers and shame to ask. Writing a journal is a sacrifice. To tell even to a journal, even if it only hears, contentment, happiness, pleasures, enthusiasms, as well as adversities, afflictions, and dislike, is not easy. In short, the journal is sacrifice and relief to Cacá Aguirre and the adolescence is a moment in which the being becomes vulnerable, arbiter of themselves, not always condescending. Conflicts arise, burdens and often the exchange of one feeling for another, as of sadness for a false joy. It can replace the family of Cacá Aguirre, that although educated and attentive, did not get it, and by that, I am not requesting any, because everyone has flaws in raising children. And also correctness. The important thing is for the family to live sincere, unrestricted dialogues and not miss out the questions from kids and topics considered taboo.

Lucas E. Nascimento