Saving Cadence: A Clandestine Saga Novelette

Saving Cadence: A Clandestine Saga Novelette

By ID Johnson

Format: ePub  
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One night can change everything....Aaron McReynolds is the Leader of a team of Vampire Hunters and Guardians tasked with keeping the world safe from the undead. Once a year, the Vampires are allowed to gather and celebrate without any interference. However, when Cadence Findley, the granddaughter of an ex-Leader, shows up at the festival, Aaron is sworn to protect her. Will she be whisked away by a band of bloodsuckers, or will she finally realize her own destiny and transform into Cadence Findley, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire?] This novelette is a great introduction to The Clandestine Saga, seven books of which are already available on all major retailers. In Transformation, we see the Eidolon Festival unfold around Cadence. Now, see it from Aarons point of view. You do not need to have read any of the books in The Clandestine Saga to enjoy this story.

ID Johnson