Dark Psychology

Dark Psychology

By Valerie Glossner

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Abuse. It’s wrong, it’s terrible no matter what form it takes. When most of you hear the word abuse you think of one of the physical kinds of abuse. For others, they think of a different kind of abuse, verbal, emotional, psychological, and mental; there are others, but this book focuses on verbal abuse. This book will help you to know what some of the signs of verbal abuse are, so that you may help keep your friends and family safe. Read about why people, men and women, abuse each other. Discover what influence verbal abuse has on a person’s life, and how to help them.             Sociopath and psychopath, words that describe someone no one would knowingly choose to be around, but do we really understand what the difference is, and what they mean? This book will teach you the difference, and how to identify a true sociopath or psychopath. Read about the different ways they manipulate people, learn of the power of persuasion. Find out how to be careful with crazed children and how to properly handle the situation.             Within this book you will also read about the mental disorder of paranoia and an explanation of The Barnum Effect.

Valerie Glossner

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  • December 30, 2018
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