A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics

A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics

By Kalyan Kumar Sen, Sadhan Kumar Dutta

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A Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics is introduced to the B.Pharm students for easy understanding of the principles of physical pharmaceutics. The Experimental manual covers experiments to provide fundamental principles of physical pharmacy necessary to design physically and chemically stable dosage forms and ensure their therapeutic safety and efficacy. This manual is a unique in nature as it covers the two necessities of students: text on theoretical principles and its application including illustrative exercises in the form of practical. · This Book illustrates all the experiments included in various Universities syllabus of physical pharmacy. · It also provides an integrated understanding of theory and practical applications associated with physicochemical concepts in a very lucid language. · Reviews the physico-chemical concepts in the design of various dosage forms. · Provides several experiments related to physical chemical characteristics of any dosage forms. · Useful to teachers also.

Sadhan Kumar Dutta