The Nobel Laureates and their Legacies

The Nobel Laureates and their Legacies

By Professor B.S.R. Rao

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The two volumes summarise significant contributions of sixty-seven winners of Nobel Memorial Prize for economic sciences during 1969 to 2010. The contributions are under seven major heads – General Equilibrium Theory, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Interdisciplinary Research, New Methods of Economic Analysis: Econometrics etc., and Game Theory.      Besides covering their main contributions, the volumes also provide a short biographical sketch of each of the winners, in order to make the reader appreciate the progress over time of each of them – in some cases the hardships they had encountered and privations they had to pass through. A select bibliography of work of each of the winners is also given to help further studies. Volume – I: Section – I – Macroeconomics, Chapter 1-Milton Friedman, Chapter 2-Bertil Gotthard Ohlin, Chapter 3-James Edward Meade, Chapter 4-Theodore Wilhain Schultz, Chapter 5-Sir William Arthur Lewis, Chapter 6-Lawrence Robert Klein, Chapter 7-James Tobin, Chapter 8-Franco Modigliani, Chapter 9-Robert Merton Solow, Chapter 10-Robert Emerson Lucas JR, Chapter 11-Robert Alexander Mundell, Chapter 12-Finn Erling Kydland & Edward Christian Prescott, Chapter 13-Edmund Strother Phelps JR, Chapter 14-Paul Robin Krugman, Chapter 15-Peter Arthur Diamond, Dale Thomas Morntensen & Christopher Antoniou Pissarides, Section-II - Financial Economics, Chapter 16-Harry Max Markowitz, Chapter 17-William Forsyth Sharpe, Chapter 18-Merton Howard Miller, Chapter 19-Robert C Merton & Myron Samuel Scholes, Section – III - Awards For New Methods of Economic Analysis Econometrics etc, Chapter 20-Ragnar Anton Kittel Frisch, Chapter 21-Jan Tinbergen, Chapter 22-Wassily Wassilyovich Leontief, Chapter 23-Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich, Chapter 24-Tjalling Charles Koopmans, Chapter 25-Sir John Richard Nicholas Stone, Chapter 26-Trygve Magnus Haavelmo, Chapter 27-James Joseph Heckman, Chapter 28-Daniel Little Mcfadden, Chapter 29-Clive William John Granger, Chapter 30-Robert Fry Engle III.

Professor B.S.R. Rao