Aging With Grace, Strength And Self-Love

Aging With Grace, Strength And Self-Love

By Dr Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

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Feel like you’re in a constant battle with your body, as time rolls by? Feel like career options are more limited, as an older person? Or that somehow, you’re less “lovable” or “valuable,” now that you’ve got a few wrinkles on your face? If so, know that its possible to reframe what “growing older” means to you. Because growing older can mean… absolutely anything you want it to mean. Inside this Life Guide, youll find tools to support you to shift how you feel about aging… so that you can release the negativity, and get back to enjoying life! YOULL LEARN HOW TO: Identify where your “stories” about aging came from.    Decide what kind of “older person” you really want to be. Write a letter of gratitude to you body. (A powerful exercise, whether you are 30 or 103!) Take pride in your appearance and cultivate a personal style that you love — whether that means playing with cosmetics, creams and “anti-aging products,” or not. Refocus your attention on the kinds of experiences that bring you joy, and all of the pleasures yet to come — instead of fretting about the time that’s already “gone.” And more! To be alive, at any age, is an exquisite miracle. Join the many people who have learned how to adopt a positive mindset about aging by following the steps in the life guide on AGING WITH GRACE, STRENGTH and SELF-LOVE , today!

Dr Suzanne Gelb PhD JD