Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

By Vanessa Paul

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This Cookbook should get you right on track in no time, you will discover the importance of integrating plant based food into your everyday meal with delicious stress free recipes and balancing out your nutritional requirements. In this plant based diet cookbook, you will understand the benefits of healthy diet nutrition. Vanessa 's incredible understanding of whole-food is combined with her passion for amazing food to give you a cookbook with everything you need to know about plant based diet. This easy-to-follow, meal-by-meal makeover is an easy approach to a nutritional health practice that focuses on hearty comfort foods; you do not need portion control or stressing about acquiring single nutrients like protein and calcium. You will be learning how to stock your pantry or refrigerator with tips and tricks to eat right on plant based, easy healthy go snack. You ’ll also get delicious and tasty recipes to help you stay right on track. A comprehensive Plant Based Diet Shopping List and many more!

Vanessa Paul