The Complete Ketogenic Desserts and Snack- 45 Delicious Low Carb Fat Burning Recipes

The Complete Ketogenic Desserts and Snack- 45 Delicious Low Carb Fat Burning Recipes

By Gina Morgan, Patricia Haro

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Burn fat, feel healthy! Burn fat, feel incredible, increase your energy and satisfy your sweet tooth. The mouth-watering easy keto desserts and sweet snack will fill you up between meals and keep you in ketosis. Science has established the benefits of the keto diet: extra weight falls off, it resets your metabolism, you feel energetic and your health soars to name but a few. But it doesn 't have to be all bacon, eggs, avocado and MCT oil. Experience all the benefits of a ketogenic diet, and avoid the boredom. Boost your fat intake but avoid ruining your macros with these easy and juicy low carb dessert recipes that keep you in ketosis. All recipes in this book taste every bit as good as the high sugar desserts you miss - meaning you can satisfy your cravings and sweet tooth but stay in ketosis and continue burning fat for fuel. Contain no artificial sweeteners - only wholesome, natural ingredients to keep you healthy on the inside. These amazing, mouth-watering recipes will be loved by your whole family - no more making different desserts and snacks for the family. They are quick to make, easy to follow and have easy to find ingredients - spend more time on the things you love, not searching for posh ingredients and hours in the kitchen. The COMPLETE KETOGENIC DESSERTS AND SNACKS is perfect for powering up your energy, putting an end to cravings between meals, snacking on-the-go and even impressing your non-keto friends! Buy your keto treats today - it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Simply return it hassle-free if you do not love the desserts! Have your high fat and low carb cake and eat it too!

Patricia Haro