The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice

The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice

Abuse Survivors

By April D Brown, Lutz Nordmann

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Mistie Jolin dreams of a future like the ones she has read about in books. Her past won 't get her there. Only escape will. College goes downhill when she realizes health care isn 't available to students with real medical needs. The army is her last hope. Once there, she is pulled back into a past better buried, to uncover secrets she never dreamed existed. Secrets that will haunt her, and hundreds more till they die. Mistie must face her fears, the past, and those she has come to trust. Her hope is that they will allow her to recover, and become a real person, rather than the shadow that creeps on the wall and follows her every move. The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice is a tale that could have happened. Many aspects have happened to many young girls, women, and even men. This is a violent tale. One that looks at the generational damage caused by abuse, neglect, and pain. There is no easy answer as to why survivors do not escape. Most have been conditioned since childhood to believe the abuse is normal. Or, they hope by bearing the abuse themselves, it prevents others from being abused. Often, survivors have nowhere safe to go. Or financial resources to reach a safe place. Laws bind children to their abuser. If they do escape, abusers follow, and bring them back into the endless cycle. While any of these events could have occurred, this tale is not based on any real life, or combination of lives. Rating: R. Profanity: Obvious, unprinted. Romance: None. Sex: Off the page. Acknowledged. Violent acts acknowledged as well. Violence: Alluded to. Court case that covers child sex abuse victims. Originally written: 2010. POV Characters: Mistie Jolin Length: Arial size 12 - 296 pages Arial size 16 - 360 pages

Lutz Nordmann