Seven Comic Book Scripts Volume One

Seven Comic Book Scripts Volume One

By Robert Jeschonek

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Comic book and super-hero fans, rejoice! This volume includes seven scripts & mdash;mostly super-hero tales, plus one war/horror story & mdash;from a writer whose work has been published by DC Comics, among others. Robert Jeschonek has written plenty of scripts in his career, and these seven will shine a light on his writing process, his wild imagination & hellip;and some thrilling and thought-provoking adventures. The first in a series collecting some of his best work, this action-packed book includes seven scripts: "Super-Powered Poser Blues ": A super-hero stand-in runs into unexpected problems while impersonating a mighty mortal. "My Date With Godling ": A hard-driving cosmic god-hero launches a mission under false pretenses & hellip;a mission that quickly goes from intense to insane. "The Mime: On Bread Alone ": An endangered priest is protected by a silent hero whose make-believe performances have real world consequences. "Young Soldiers Never Die ": A future warrior discovers that one man 's idea of a perfect soldier is another man 's idea of pure hell. "The Child Is Father to the Man ": The younger selves of three great old-time heroes leap forward to the future after suffering their greatest defeat. "Johnstown Man: Losing Ground ": A blue collar steel town hero battles crime in the age of layoffs. "Don 't Tug on Superstar 's Cape ": A super souvenir hunter goes after the ultimate prize from the ultimate hero and nearly loses everything in the bargain.

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