Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills

By Rene Fisher

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Avoiding mistakes, learning skills, and valuing the role of the father are central to the themes of this parenting guide Learn from an experienced parent and deep thinker how to improve your parenting skills. You must be doing a lot right already, and parenting is not an easy job, but with the relationship rewards and the fulfillment countless individuals have pointed at, it ’s worth the effort. Many parents have been puzzled over boundaries, time management, and control. If you jump into parenting without any foreknowledge, or you base all your assumptions and patterns on what your parents taught you, you ’re bound to make some mistakes. Nobody is perfect, but some mistakes can be avoided by reading about what others have done and how that worked out for them. You will read about things like: How to plan, reward, prioritize, and evaluate your time. Becoming better at multi-tasking, controlling emotions, and managing your finances while raising children. Ways to set healthy boundaries, make them clean up their rooms, or eliminate distractions. Terrible mistakes the author has seen parents make, with all the inevitable consequences that came with those mistakes. How being too controlling, having no bedtimes inconsistency, or bad nutrition make all the difference in what your children feel and how they behave. Things that children said they loved most about their parents. The value of a functioning father in the home. How super dads can think of games, use their imagination, and spark new life into their discouraged children. Thoughts on role models, fatherhood and mentioned cases. This book will truly take you to the other side of parenting with illustrated examples, funny anecdotes, horrifying mistakes, valuable insights, and wise advice. Don ’t wait and get it now!

Rene Fisher

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  • February 8, 2019
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