The Synergies Of Marcio 3: Corrective Actions

The Synergies Of Marcio 3: Corrective Actions

By Mario Garrido Espinosa

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Helping itself on big doses of humor, tenderness and realism, "The synergies of Marcio" manages to shape a demystifying (alongside wrecking) portrait of the life of computer engineers in Spain. Using as main character a professional by the name of Marcio (which is an infrequent name, so any similitude with the reality will be a coincidence), the author unveils for us a secret and closed world that we all believed very different: the project management, the resource handling, the effort rewards, the relation between the engineers, the coexistence in the office, the work trips, the endless availability... All the aspects of this line of work will be surfacing, without forgetting about the surprising personal life of the main character. Dive into seven of Marcio’s stories, and discover this affectionate and close character, and live through his adventures, narrated with the style, irony and cruelty of the folk tales.

Mario Garrido Espinosa