Inspector Stoddart's Murder Mysteries (4 Intriguing Golden Age Thrillers)

Inspector Stoddart's Murder Mysteries (4 Intriguing Golden Age Thrillers)

By Annie Haynes

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This carefully edited collection of Inspector Stoddart mysteries has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The Man with the Dark Beard – Basil Wilton is accused of murdering his own father but is he the real killer or is the-man-with-the-dark-beard someone else known to him who is on a murdering spree? How is Basil's to-be father-in-law related to the whole affair? Who Killed Charmian Karslake? – The riddle around the murder of Charmian Karslake, an American actress, gets murkier at every step. Can Inspector Stoddart solve this puzzle? The Crime at Tattenham Corner – A gruesome death just before an important horse race looks out of place until Inspector Stoddart is called in to look into the matter. The Crystal Beads Murder – A broken necklace is the sole clue for Inspector Stoddart to solve a high-profile murder until it's too late! Annie Haynes (1865-1929) was a renowned golden age mystery writer and a contemporary of Agatha Christie, another famous crime writer, which often led to her comparison with the latter, and unfavourably so. Haynes's fictions are now lauded for their quick-pace action and sustaining aura of suspense till the end.

Annie Haynes