By H. G. Wells

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This is the annotated edition including the rare biographical essay by Edwin E. Slosson called "H. G. Wells - A Major Prophet Of His Time". A story of marriage under modern conditions in which the weakening of the foundation of the institution is laid to the stress of modern life and the constantly increasing cry of the modern family for more and more money, for still more extravagant expenditures. Marjorie Pope, saved from a purely mercenary marriage by her sudden meeting with Trafford, a young scientist, marries him and by her love for and desire for "things," ruins him?ruins him by taking him away from his laboratory and making him a millionaire manufacturer. Realizing their failure and the impossibility of their ever growing together again in their present environment, the two go out into the wilds leaving all civilization behind them, and there where each needs the other through the primitive experiences of cold, hunger and fear of the creatures of the woods, they find their love renewed. They come back with a clearer conception of the value of life and with what they believe will be a more definite plan for the living of it.

H. G. Wells