Economics and Sociability in new tools for Integrated Welfare

Economics and Sociability in new tools for Integrated Welfare

Corporate Management between ethics and profit

By Maria Teresa Bianchi

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The reflection that has stimulated the present work could be summarized in the expression: ?the State withdraws progressively from welfare, as it fills that void??. The answer to this question is fragmented and uncoordinated and comes often from civil society. The work is concerned, after the analysis of the current situation, to verify the role of business in response to the vacuum of welfare and the compatibility of such a role with the cost of the business. MARIA TERESA BIANCHI. Professor at Economics Faculty of La Sapienza in Rome. Writer of many books on Management administration and financial subjects. She holds courses in Bachelor and Master in the Faculty of Economics and the course of Business at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She is a member of the Commission for the reform of company law in the National Board of Accountants and Public Accountants. Member of the Scientific Institute for Corporate Governance. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Roman Academy of Accounting. Member of the Team for the reform of the corporate law. Qualified as Chartered Accountant and Auditor. Member of statutory auditors of listed companies also. ?

Maria Teresa Bianchi