Silicon and Nanotechnology for Coatings

Silicon and Nanotechnology for Coatings

By Gerald Frenzer, Frank Groß, Stefan Sepeur

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The Mission: Total protection, aesthetics, perfection, maximum functionality – not only are the demands imposed on coatings extremely high, but the base products must also meet sustainability considerations. The key? A fusion of silicon chemistry and nanotechnology. This powerful combination unlocks innovative, high-tech coatings formulations that are poised to conquer entirely new application markets in the future. The Audience: Those engaged in the development, production, testing, and marketing of coatings raw materials will benefit from this deep dive into nanostructured coatings, which promise to break new ground in sustainable coatings technology. The Value: This reader-friendly exploration delves into coatings formulated with silicon-based, inorganically and organically modified binder systems, providing practical insights and step-by-step explanations. Whether you are an expert or a practitioner seeking guidance on nanostructured coatings, this overview of various silane-based materials will equip you for the future of coatings.

Stefan Sepeur