My Journey of Life

My Journey of Life

By Juliet Smith

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Meet Juliet Smith as she goes about her busy day in London, rising early, praying for herself, her family and those in her community. It is an orderly life, but she has suffered poverty, hardship and occasional abuse. Despite her ordeals, Juliet is upbeat, her faith in the Lord solid, her commitment to her church and volunteering work unyielding. Juliet maintains the faith she gained as a teenager in Sierra Leone, and she thanks and praises Lord Jesus Christ for his suffering. Now join Juliet, as she tells of her pride in her son, Jenner, who inspires her; hear of a family that took advantage of her good nature, and sometimes helped her. Above all, learn of Juliet's faith; how steadfast belief in God shapes her life in a world full of prejudice and bigotry.

Juliet Smith