Start to Finish

Start to Finish

By Robert Ferguson

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The skeleton is a contemporary lifetime, from boyhood to old age. Organs are represented by particular events, personal, national and global – non-experience of an earthquake, loss and change in libraries, the first ascent of Everest, holidays in Cornwall and Yorkshire, Brexit and the invasion of the Ukraine - and the onward creep of infirmity at head and feet. Months, seasons and their various characteristic weather and activities contribute the flesh and muscles; and a variety of formats – rhymes in quatrains, haiku, tanka and multiple tanka, sestina and rondeau redouble, and even totally free verse – demonstrate moods and movements among which to play with the sounds and ambiguities of words.

Robert Ferguson

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  • novum pro Verlag
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  • 9783991317555
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  • Published:
  • January 1, 2023
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