Water, Stone, Me

Water, Stone, Me

By Tina Loeffler

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Get lost in the beauty of nature and dive deep in the hidden wisdom of the seasons. "Water, Stone, Me" is a collection of poems, words and pictures about reconnecting with nature and our true self.

Tina Loeffler

The mind can?t capture what the heart do not see. Between the dark hours and the first hints of morning light, sneaking through the woods marks her day before she enters another place of interest. Next to the old beech trees, Tina Loeffler sits in her tiny studio, thinking about the pines she recognized along her way. The location, the bark, the smell. Three guitars, a ukulele, a piano downstairs and an accordion between a lot of books, drawings, notes, bringing back the folk sound which reminds us of Gregory Alan Isakov and the soothing vibes of Roo Panes. Collecting, writing, capturing, drawing and getting lost in the essence of something, that?s what her heart is beating for. When in her childhood an old tape deck given to her by her mother was the tool of choice, today she produces soothing Indie Folk tunes in her home studio next to the woods. While most of her writings turn into songs at some point, others of them want be released in another kind of form. With her collection of poems, words and pictures, Singer-Songwriter Tina Loeffler closes the gap between her work as a musician and her work as author and artist.