Kickstart to Arduino Nano

Kickstart to Arduino Nano

By Ashwin Pajankar

Format: PDF  
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The seven chapters in this book serve as the first step for novices and microcontroller enthusiasts wishing to make a head start in Arduino programming. The first chapter introduces the Arduino platform, ecosystem, and existing varieties of Arduino Nano boards. It also teaches how to install various tools needed to get started with Arduino Programming. The second chapter kicks off with electronic circuit building and programming around your Arduino. The third chapter explores various buses and analog inputs, In the fourth chapter, you get acquainted with the concept of pulse width modulation (PWM) and working with unipolar stepper motors. In the fifth chapter, you are sure to learn about creating beautiful graphics and basic but useful animation with the aid of an external display. The sixth chapter introduces the readers to the concept of I/O devices such as sensors and the piezo buzzer, exploring their methods of interfacing and programming with the Arduino Nano. The last chapter explores another member of the Arduino Nano family, Arduino Nano 33 loT with its highly interesting capabilities. This chapter employs and deepens many concepts learned from previous chapters to create interesting applications for the vast world of the Internet of Things. The entire book follows a step-by-step approach to explain concepts and the operation of things. Each concepts is invariably followed by a to-the-point circuit diagram and code examples. Next come detailed explanations of the syntax and the logic used. By closely following the concepts, you will become comfortable with circuit building, Arduino programming, the workings of the code examples, and the circuit diagrams presented. The book also has plenty of references to external resources wherever needed. An archive file (.zip) comprising the software examples and Fritzing-style circuit diagrams discussed in the book may be downloaded free of charge from the book's product and resources page on (search for: book title and author).

Ashwin Pajankar