Mastering Surface Mount Technology

Mastering Surface Mount Technology

By Vincent Himpe

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Mastering Surface Mount Technology takes you on a crash course in techniques, tips and know-how to successfully introduce surface mount technology in your workflow. Even if you are on a budget you too can jumpstart your designs with advanced fine pitch parts. Besides explaining methodology and equipment, attention is given to SMT parts technologies and soldering methods. In a step by step way, several projects introduce you to handling surface mount parts and the required skills to successfully build SMT assemblies. Many practical tips and tricks are disclosed that bring surface mount technology into everyone's reach without breaking the bank. A comprehensive kit of parts comprising all SMT components, circuit boards and solder stencils is available for readers wishing to replicate the following projects described in this book: 1. LED Tester (project # 2); 2. PWM Controller for Light Bulb (project # 3); 3. Ringlight (project # 4). The high-quality ready-made PCBs for the three projects come in a single panel with score lines to facilitate removing the individual boards. Pricing, exact kit contents, ordering information, and updates are posted at Forthcoming LabWorX titles: USB Interfaces - Ethernet Interfaces - SPI bus - Power Supplies - PIC processor - AVR processor - ARM processor - Cortex processor - FPGA and more Already published: Mastering the I7C bus

Vincent Himpe