The Genesis of How to Pray for Your Church

The Genesis of How to Pray for Your Church

By Mark Brotherton

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Few of us experience a church's beginning, but all experience the aftermath. A church's foundation doesn't guarantee its future trajectory. Growth is deviant without obedience, faith, and sacrifice. Drift from reliance on God to dependence on man is relentless, fueled by ignorance, complacency, and power-plays. Course corrections are necessary to survive. Mission and vision establish our pathway, but only a sense of purpose keeps us on course. We have relegated the notion of devotion to religious rhetoric. Severing it from rhetoric and grafting it into action goes against our nature. Four attributes are crucial to a church's vision and pilgrimage. They are tenacity, perseverance, integrity, and humility. They reinforce one another, and none stand alone. Adversity is their sustenance and the environment in which they thrive. These factors, individually and collectively, portray the dynamic tug-of-war between the flesh and the spirit. We can't pray effectively if we don't understand their intricacies? Principles presented in this book will equip you to recognize the signs of approaching problems and failures and guide you in how to counteract them in your prayer closet. This book presents spiritual principles and Key Insights for Prayer: ·Free you from the fallacy that your church is static in maturity and inerrant in its pursuit of vision and mission ·Improve your understanding of the conflict between spiritual factors that propel your church toward God's objective and fleshly factors that struggle to bring it down to what is humanly possible ·Help you think beyond the superficial expressions of a church's problems and recognize their root causes Compel you to question what we've traditionally accepted as sacred and question practices commonly viewed as innocent but may be detrimental to a church's growth and vitality.

Mark Brotherton

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