How To Raise Happy, Smart and Responsible Kids as A Single Parent

How To Raise Happy, Smart and Responsible Kids as A Single Parent

By Clarissa Valdez

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HOW TO RAISE HAPPY, SMART, AND RESPONSIBLE KIDS AS A SINGLE PARENT: Discover The Parenting Secrets to Be a Proud And Successful Single Parent One of a single parent is the overwhelming feeling of having to take on the roles of mother and father. This feeling develops and becomes more intense when the other single parent is not taking an active role with the children. You would probably fight this feeling in two ways more than once. Either you try to make up for that by being both a dad and a mom, or you lookout for a partner for the other role. Can I tip you? None of these options work. It's easier said than done. Single parents always bear this debt because their children are not getting the love and care they can get from the other parent. So what are you going to do? This is a very difficult situation. Clarissa Valdez in her book titled "HOW TO RAISE HAPPY, SMART AND RESPONSIBLE KIDS AS A SINGLE PARENT" explores all that it's needed to be a success at single parenting. Being a family and relationship coach has helped several single parents come through in their single parenting journey. Discover the secrets to making your single parenting a success. Get a copy to get today.

Clarissa Valdez