Step-By-Step Beginners Instant Pot Cookbook (Vegan)

Step-By-Step Beginners Instant Pot Cookbook (Vegan)

By Rohit Sahu

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Who said healthy foods can't be tasty, I am a health-conscious person and love to eat healthy food, as well as tasty food. "You Don't Have to Cook Fancy or Complicated Masterpieces. Just Tasty Food From Simple Healthy Ingredients." Well, you don't have to struggle anymore with the taste. Here in this cookbook, you'll find 100+ easy yet extremely delicious instant pot recipes. keeping in mind the health factor, all these recipes are backed by Ayurveda, so yes, all are highly nutritious as well. If you follow Ayurveda you know why we shouldn't eat meat or non-veg, so finally here is a Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook. Plus, these do not require ingredients that'll hurt your budget, nearly all the ingredients are readily available in your home. Every recipe is properly portioned and will be ready in 30 minutes or less. These quick and simple recipes will get your meal ready on the table in no time. In this Instant Pot Cookbook you will find: - Insider's Knowledge on How to Make the Most Out of Your Instant Pot - Common FAQs and Other Must-Know Facts about Your Instant Pot - Pro Tips to Get the Most out of Your Instant pot - Things Not to Do with Your Instant Pot - No Non-Veg, Complete Vegan Recipes - How to Create a Variety of Healthy, Easy-to-Make, Delicious Recipes in the Easiest Way Possible No matter if you're a solo eater, or if you cook for the whole family or friends, with these easy and healthy recipes, you can surprise your family, friends, and your loved ones. This cookbook includes delicious recipes for: - Breakfast Meals - Stews and Chilies - Soups - Beans - Lunch/Brunch - Side Meals - Main Course Meals - Appetizers & Snacks - Light Dinner - Deserts - Bonus Recipes Including Salads, Drinks, and Some of the Most Popular Indian Dishes Now Don't Bother, Click The Buy Now Button and Claim Your Copy Today!!

Rohit Sahu