Entertaining French  Short Stories for Beginners  + Audio Download

Entertaining French Short Stories for Beginners + Audio Download

By Christian Stahl

Format: ePub  
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Entertaining French  Short Stories for Beginners  + Audio Download Do you know what the most challenging issue when learning French? Finding realistic and non boring reading material that is suitable for beginners. For this reason alone this book has been written and recorded. This book is entertaining and realistic; you would not be forced to search for words in a dictionary every couple of minutes. In this book we have compiled 20 easy-to-understand, culturally interesting and enjoyable French short stories that will allow you to expand your reading skills and improve your vocabulary; Additionally you will receive a completely downloadable audio file that includes all the stories of this book, you can listen and compare the stories to the text . Each French story comes with French parallel text which means this book will give you all the tools you need to improve your understanding of the wonderful French language. How French Short Stories for Beginners works: Each story will involve important cultural components as well as some grammatical tools of the French language (verbs, adjectives, past tense, giving directions, and more), involving an entertaining story with realistic day-to-day situations and dialogues. The block by block English translation gives you the chance to compare the text and too look it up immediately in case you dont understand something. At the end of each story you will be provided with a set of learning questions in English, providing you with the chance to prove that you learned something in the story, whereby the answer of each question is provided immediately after. At the end of this book you can listen to all the French stories in a crisp, native French voice at a slow pace, suitable for beginners. So look no further! Pick up your copy of French Short Stories for Beginners and start learning French right now!  

Christian Stahl