The Right World

The Right World

By Laura De Benedetti

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While following the police investigation into femicide, you discover The Right World. A society that, as if reflected through a mirror capable of reversing gender roles, is matriarchal. Women make a career only if they have daughters; they have always guided the evolution of the species; the image of human perfection is Vitruvius woman.  It is men who demand equal opportunities, claim equal pay and less discrimination. Between international politics scenarios, the Holy Mother of the Churchs statements, episodes of matriarchal fundamentalism, the policewoman who leads the investigation wonders whether to give birth to a daughter. Her doubts and the inquest run parallel along with the crescendo of history, up to the epilogue. It will then be up to you to decide if The Right World is a utopia, an ideal dream to be achieved, or a dystopia, a reality in which we would not want to live, neither as oppressors nor as oppressed.

Laura De Benedetti