Love: Feelings of Attachment, Affection & Need

Love: Feelings of Attachment, Affection & Need


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We can each radiate unconditional love. We don’t even need to create it – we are love. But the flow of love is blocked in moments of hurt, blame, anger, criticism, competition or insecurity. These emotions have dominated our emotional space, and hardly enable us to feel our own love. Aarav dares us to resist the unhealthy relationship patterns we’ ve learned from those around us, and to rediscover the meaning of love for ourselves. “ by the time you are ready to explore the world of love, you are filled with so much rubbish about love that there is not much hope for you to be able to find the authentic and discard the false.” by answering the questions that so many lovers face, Aarav shares new ways to love that will forever change how you relate to others.


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  • December 27, 2020
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