Make Your Man Become Addicted and Loyal to You in Two Weeks

Make Your Man Become Addicted and Loyal to You in Two Weeks

By Jessie Addison

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Good and satisfying sex in a romantic relationship is usually associated with a good level of commitment, love and good stability in the relationship. Just like ladies, every man deserves a good and satisfying sex. As funny as it may sound, it is important to know that many marriages have been ruined as a result of poor sex. Some men may not be bold enough to express themselves in this light. Yes, he may look really innocent and pious. But trust me, if you take that innocent –looking- face of your man for granted, you will be sorry. You might say, well," I met him in church. And he is a strong prayer warrior. So I dont really think sex means much to him". When it comes to the issues of sex, there are no innocents. No matter how pious a man may look, he still secretly craves for a good and mind blowing showdown from time to time. That innocent looking sheep of a man might just be a wolf in bed. Dont allow his pious looks fool you. It is your duty to bring him out of his shell and make him become sexually addicted to you. If you are there wondering how you will go about making your man become sexually, addicted and loyal to you, wonder no more. The chapters of this book are filled with powerful sex moves and techniques you can introduce into your sex life with your man. This book will equip you with the necessary techniques that you need to keep your man at home and lock out the prostitutes and side chicks out of his life permanently.

Jessie Addison