Advanced Parenting Skills: Understanding your Kid

Advanced Parenting Skills: Understanding your Kid


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Parenting can be very difficult and most times require expertise in handling children. A lot of times, you see parents finding it hard to correct their children, because they think it is impossible to correct a child lovingly. Another challenge faced is that as a child advances in age, the parents tend to encounter challenges understanding how to handle children at different stages of their lives and you’ll discover there’s so much gap created between the child and the parents. Giving a time-out can be a very effective way to change your child’s behavior. I have often had parents come to my office and say “time-out does not work with my child”. After asking some clarifying questions it usually becomes clear that there is a break down in the implementation or follow through of the time-out. It’s not that time-out doesn’t work; it’s more that the parents aren’t working the time-out properly. This book, “Advanced parenting skills: Understanding your child” would help bring solutions to these parenting problems and help relate with your child/children more appropriately. There is no reason why you should not get this book right now.