Ashton-Kirk, Secret Agent

Ashton-Kirk, Secret Agent

By John T. McIntyre

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You may never know if your next door neighbour is a spy! But Ashton-Kirk must solve a puzzling murder mystery before it's too late. Detective Ashton-Kirk is a charismatic detective who solves crime for fun and has partners in Pendleton and Fulton. Just like his famous predecessor Sherlock Holmes, Ashton-Kirk is a consulting sleuth with knowledge of diverse and eclectic fields. Excerpt: "Fuller studied the heavy, decided signature at the bottom of the typed page; then he laid the letter upon the table. "One who judges character by handwriting," said he, "would probably think the secretary a strong man." Ashton-Kirk took the stem of the long German pipe from between his lips. "From your tone," said he, "you do not so consider him." Fuller was looking down at the letter..."

John T. McIntyre