Priest manga volume 5

Priest manga volume 5

Priest manga

By Min-Woo Hyung

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Vascar De Guillon was once willing to give his life for the cross, serving as a knight in the crusades.Then one day he received word from home that his wife had been burned alive by the church, and Sir Vascar's faith was shat- tered. Consumed by rage, he made a pact with the fallen archangel Temozarela, becoming his agent in the mortal world and slaughter- ing countless innocents. When De Guillon is brought to trial for his sins, the church sends their top priest to serve as prosecutor-- Belial Gabarre. The prosecutor finds his own soul on trial when De Guillon uses any means at his unholy disposal in his attempt to corrupt Belial's faith.

Min-Woo Hyung