New Copywriting Secrets That Compel People To Buy And Land You Clients Effortlessly Quickly

New Copywriting Secrets That Compel People To Buy And Land You Clients Effortlessly Quickly

By Fred Murphy

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Right now, companies around the globe are spending BILLIONS (over $26 billion in the U.S. alone) on online marketing. Businesses large and small (from the Fortune 500s to your local mom n pops) have had a stark realization: If theyre going to prosper now and in the years to come, theyre going to need high-quality website copy to sell their products and services.  That is why companies are hungry for copywriters who know how to write this kind of copy. And get this: Theyre willing to shell out BIG BUCKS to get it done right. In fact … The Demand For Quality Online Copy Is Greater Than Anything Weve Ever Seen … And Copywriters Who Learn This Skill Are Exploding Their Incomes! Case in point: Here at AWAI, I always have 30 or 40 projects going on that require online copy. Problem is, I cant find enough qualified writers to give these projects to.  And were just one company. Some companies have  thousands  of online copywriting projects that need to be written ASAP. Whats more, these projects pay well … many in the $1,000 - $3,500+ range. And the best part? Most of them take less than a day to complete. For instance, one copywriter I know, H.L, earns an average of $1,500 – just for making a few changes to copy thats ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN. Total time for him to do it? 1 or 2 hours. Another copywriter, S.F., decided to learn online copywriting at the urging of his brother (already a top copywriter himself). S.F.s first online copywriting assignment netted him $960 per hour!  Online Copywriting is the Wave of the Future Youve probably heard the term "Copy is king." And thats as true on the Web as its been for traditional direct-mail marketing. And think about it. The Internet is booming. Every day, more and more companies go online to reach a larger market.  The only way for them to get a competitive edge is with their copy. Just think: With words alone, an online business has to attract website visitors through pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, articles, banner ads, and landing pages. In the past, webmasters and other "techies" wrote most of this content. But marketers now recognize that it really has to be done by people who specialize in writing words that sell online. Thats why Web copywriters are in such high demand. Meanwhile, marketers are rolling more and more money into their online advertising every year.  In fact, respected research firm eMarketer reports that spending for online advertising is projected to increase to $28.5 billion in the next year alone and, "in 2009, 10% of  all  U.S. ad dollars will go online." But this trend isnt happening only here in the U.S. Businesses around the globe are pouring more money than ever into online advertising. What does this mean to you?  Your opportunity to make six figures as a copywriter … to write your own paychecks … and to live life on your terms … are greater than theyve ever been before … Because whether its for a landing page, e-newsletter, email campaign, blog, sales page, or home page,  somebody  has to write the content these companies are paying BIG money for. Ive created the definitive guide on writing copy that compels people to buy whatever product or service youre promoting and also land premium clients. Go check it out right away…  

Fred Murphy