How to Be Happy All Day, Every Day

How to Be Happy All Day, Every Day

By Quincy Lesley Darren

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What is happiness? How can you go from being sad and depressed to being happy? How do you make sure you are always happy regardless of the difficulty that life pushes to you? If you have always wanted answers to these questions, then this book is specifically written for you. This book lets you know what happiness is and what happiness is not. By the time you read through this book, you will fully understand what it takes to be truly happy in spite of everyday life circumstances. For every reason to be unhappy, there are equal and greater and other reasons to be happy in many cases. You will realize that it takes far much lesser effort to be happy than to be unhappy. How to Be Happy All Day, Every Day gives you simple ways to boost your mood and happiness when you need it the most. You will also realize that the happiness that comes from within is dependent only upon the world that lives within you and not necessarily the world around you. Reading this book will reveal to you how to access your future happiness of the real kind, by discovering your complete evolution, over many lifetimes. In the end, you will be able to create your own personal happiness toolkit while feeling more self-empowered and in control of any situation, helping you progress in your work and personal life.

Quincy Lesley Darren