Reinvent Your Dairy at Home

Reinvent Your Dairy at Home

By Leo Caputti, Timi Domonics

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If one quick guide could show you how to do  lactose-casein-gluten-soy-sugar-FREE  delights that imitate dairies’ flavours and textures, wouldn’t you try it? Would you be happy enjoying  healthier plant-based versions  of milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, chocolate, condensed milk, whipped cream, desserts and  +80 nutritious alternatives to dairy products ? Yes, BUT - you might be thinking - I need them to be EASY and PRACTICAL… Ok! So the good news is that you can start immediately with  “Reinvent Your Dairy at Home” . And even if you struggle not to eat dairy because you love them, this is your chance to be surprised by  delicious healthy flavours  you never imagined existed before! You will love  “Reinvent Your Dairy at Home”  if you are looking for: Easy-to-follow recipes for all levels  - basic, intermediate and sophisticated   100% plant-based, vegan, natural dairy substitutes  enriched with superfoods and sprouted seeds Much better nutrition  without missing or giving up your favourite flavours Saving money  by doing healthier food at home instead of buying more expensive products Easy-to-find cheap and healthy ingredients Taking good care  of your gut, your brain, your skin, your energy levels! “Reinvent Your Dairy at Home”  is a must-have especially in cases of  food intolerance, allergy or sensibilities, autoimmune diseases and autism. And besides boosting your health - and possibly losing some weight as an additional bonus - you will also learn:    1. Practical recommendations to strengthen your bones    2. Calcium-rich foods versus calcium stealing foods    3. Common mistakes to avoid when trying to substitute dairy    4. How to sprout seeds And much more! That’s it!  Are you feeling like putting the hands-on straight to the point? So GET NOW your copy of  “Reinvent Your Dairy at Home” , start enjoying the nutrition & health you deserve and feel amazing! With love, Timi & Leo PS. We are sure that soon you will be the one leaving a testimonial here and tagging us @ReinventYourDairyAtHome on Instagram with your delicious new creations!

Timi Domonics