Innovate with Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi

Innovate with Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi

By Dogan Ibrahim

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Ready to explore the world around you? By attaching the Sense HAT to your Raspberry Pi, you can quickly and easily develop a variety of creative applications, useful experiments, and exciting games. The Sense HAT contains several helpful environmental sensors: temperature, humidity, pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope. Additionally, an 8x8 LED matrix is provided with RGB LEDs, which can be used to display multi-color scrolling or fixed information, such as the sensor data. Use the small onboard joystick for games or applications that require user input. In Innovate with Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi, Dr. Dogan Ibrahim explains how to use the Sense HAT in Raspberry Pi Zero W-based projects. Using simple terms, he details how to incorporate the Sense HAT board in interesting visual and sensor-based projects. You can complete all the projects with other Raspberry Pi models without any modifications. Exploring with Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi includes projects featuring external hardware components in addition to the Sense HAT board. You will learn to connect the Sense HAT board to the Raspberry Pi using jumper wires so that some of the GPIO ports are free to be interfaced to external components, such as to buzzers, relays, LEDs, LCDs, motors, and other sensors. The book includes full program listings and detailed project descriptions. Complete circuit diagrams of the projects using external components are given where necessary. All the projects were developed using the latest version of the Python 3 programming language. You can easily download projects from the book's web page. Let's start exploring with Sense HAT.

Dogan Ibrahim