Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

By Lakshmi Narasaiah

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Finite Element Method popularly known as FEM has undergone a major paradigm shift from a detailed mathematical background to write tailor made computer programs, to an understanding of the subject for better utilisation of available software such as ANSYS, NISA, ADINA, PAFEC, NASTRAN etc. The author with his rich experience, has made an effort in this direction and prepared a textbook on FEM ideally suited for engineering students and design engineers. Special Features • Comprehensive study material including all relevant topics - approximate methods, matrix operations and theory of elasticity  • Example problems & case studies for better understanding of the concepts  • Includes properties of ductile and brittle materials, for design checks • Solved problems & objective questions - for students  • Examples with a commercial software (ANSYS), common data mistakes and validation of results for code compliance - for practicing design engineers  • Brief coverage of fracture mechanics, contact and gap elements & CFD. Contents:  1.  Introduction   2.  Matrix Operations  3.  Theory of Elasticity  4.  Discrete (1-D) Elements  5.  Continuum (2-D & 3-D) Elements  6.  Higher Order and Isoparametric Elements  7.  Factors Influencing Solution  8.  Dynamic Analysis (Undamped Free Vibrations)  9.  Steady State Heat Conduction  10.  Design Validation and Other Types of Analysis  11.  Computational Fluid Dynamics  12.  Practical Analysis Using a Software About the Author:  G. Lakshmi Narasaiah  • Mechanical engineering graduate from NIT (formerly REC), Warangal • M.Tech (Aero) from IIT, Kanpur  • Worked in BHEL for 25 years, undertaking FEA for many new designs with extensive applications using software SAP-IV, STRUDL, PAFEC & ANSYS  • Developed post–processors for solutions from PAFEC for fatigue & creep analysis leading to Residual Life Assessment (RLA) of thermal power plant components.  • Developed routines for validation of results as per ASME B&PV code, section III  • Taught FEM for UG and PG students of colleges, affiliated to JNTU and Osmania University, during the past 7 years  • Resource person for courses on FEA conducted at JNTU College of Engg, Kakinada; LBR College of Engg & Technology, Mylavaram & Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad.

Lakshmi Narasaiah