Material Science and Metallurgy

Material Science and Metallurgy

By A. V. K. Suryanarayana

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The content of Material Science and Metallurgy is purely metallurgical. The syllabus is covered by the author who is a metallurgist. The clarity and quality if it can be said so, will have a difference from others covering this subject. Synthetic materials are treated in a wide ranging fashion. Exhaustive study of any topic can be undertaken if necessary, separately. Contents 1.  Atomic Arrangements,  2. Diffusion,  3. Tensile and Torsion Tests,  4. Plastic Deformation of Single Crystals,  5.  Fracture Mechanism,  6.  Creep,  7.  Fatigue,  8. Solidification of Metals,  9.  Solid Solutions,  10.  Iron-Carbon Equilibrium,  11.  Normalising,  12.  Cast Irons,  13.  Introduction of Composite Materials,  14.  Hardness About the Author: A.V.K.Suryanarayana is a metallurgist from the famous Banaras Hindu University, he has thirty five years of teaching and industrial experience. He has successfully authored two other books namely, Testing of Metallic Materials and Fuels, Furnaces, Refractories and Pyrometry, which are well received.

A. V. K. Suryanarayana

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