Fuels, Furnaces, Refractories and Pyrometry

Fuels, Furnaces, Refractories and Pyrometry

By A. V. K. Suryanarayana

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Present day technology is vibrant and changing rapidly.  But the essential characteristics remain the same; when a fuel is burnt, the aim will always be to completely burn it and derive maximum heat out of it.      A furnace and its refractory linings are must to utilize the fuel.  When the fuel is burnt and some process(s) are performed in the furnace, it becomes a consequential necessity to measure the temperature in the furnace, to have a proper control over the operations. An effort is made to give the students a deep insight into the utilization of fuels, with some fundamentals, essential to have a grasp of the subject. This book thus tries to encompass the fuel utilization to a satisfactory level. Salient features      ·    Units are converted to S.I. Units from CGS or FPS systems      ·    More material is added in Nuclear and Solar Energy topics UNIT – I FUELS  1.  Fuels,  2.  Coal,  3.  Combustion of Solid Fuels,  4.  Storage of Coal,  5.   Manufacture of Metallurgical Coke,  6.  Petroleum,  7.  Combustion of Liquid Fuels,  8.  Fuels in Transport – Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene,  9.  Analysis of Liquid Fuels,  10.  Producer Gas,  11.  Water Gas,  12.  Combustion of Gaseous Fuel,  13.  Combustion Characteristics of Fuel,  14.  Nuclear Fuels,  15.  Other Energy Resources,  UNIT – II FURNACES  16.  Furnaces,  17.  Heating Capacity of Furnaces,  18.  Furnace Design,  19.  Eletric Heating,  20.  Heat Economics,  21.  Furnace Atmospheres,  UNIT – III REFRACTORIES  22.  Introduction and Classification,  23.  Fire Bricks,  24.  Silica Bricks,  25.  Magnesite Bricks,  26.  Dolomite Bricks,  27.  Chrome Bricks,  28.  Special Refractories,  29.  Carbon and its Allied Refractories,  30.  Insulating Bricks,  31.  Testing of Refractories  UNIT – IV PYROMETRY  32.  Introduction and Thermometry,  33.  Thermocouples,  34.  Radiation Pyrometers,  35.  Low Temperature Measurements,  36.  Temperature Control A. V. K. Suryanarayana  was Head of the Department of Metallurgy, V.I.S.S.J. Polytechnic, Bhadravathi. He taught the subject for over a decade. During the preparation of this book, he took the advice of many pioneers in the field of metallurgy and even got appreciation of Dr. Albert G. Guy, the famous metallurgist in USA, for the presentation of this book. He has authored another book namely, Testing of Metallic Materials is published by BS Publications, Hyderabad.

A. V. K. Suryanarayana

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