To The Eyes That Loved You

To The Eyes That Loved You

By Donnefar Skedar

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This is one of those books, philosophical or experimental, a fiction based in one or many realities. This is a story, an epitaph or a proof of Love. Yes, Love, this tale is about that. A declaration or a hallucination of someone who is or has been in love. It is not an almost beautiful love story, but is a deep and sincere one; a blurred vision of someone that appears to have gotten tired of the love it feels, but, at the same time, it demonstrates in its words that the feeling still resides inside its chest. Trying to describe makes all the deepness of this text go away, that is why the reading is mandatory for you to take your own conclusions. Despite the genre, the story in this tale is something that can happen or already happened to anyone. Look to the eyes that loved you, how brief is a love story.

Donnefar Skedar