My Best Friend's Teachings

My Best Friend's Teachings

By Adrian Salama

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Can we learn from our pets? The answer is in this book [My best friends teachings] Everything a child can learn from his pet is in this book. It is a book that parents can read to their children and in that way create values and learning that will give them a better life as well as increase their emotional intelligence Foreword (written in the book) In truth, it is a book, creatively and intelligently written by Adrian who, despite his young age (or rather, thanks to his youth), gives us daily experiences combined with profound wisdom thanks to his inexhaustible scientific curiosity and attitudes of help to others.  It is a book to be read and reread many times since in each rereading new elements appear that provide us with peace and love in our daily life.  Few books can be read today with the fruitfulness with which I enjoyed reading them. The author takes us by the hand in a graceful, light, inviting and simple prose to be more and more successful in our lives.

Adrian Salama

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  • December 29, 2019
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