Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book

Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book

By Violet Goff

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The goal of any new health-diet, such as the plant-based diet, is mostly to harness the benefits of the diet, manage your health, and live optimally. The idea of leaving your comfort foods, starting out and sticking to a plant-based diet without proper help, can be overwhelming. This Plant-Based Diet for Beginners Book will get you started, and aid a smooth and stress-free transition from your regular foods to the plant-based diet. In this book you will find:  A 30-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan, including list of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  A Plant-Based Diet Kickstart Guide, which includes tips, hacks and tricks for a successful transition to the plant-based diet.  A Meal Guide (What to Eat and What Not to Eat) More than 100 Plant-Based Diet recipes, including main nutritional information to help you keep track macros.  You will enjoy simple, sumptuous, healthy and satisfying plant-based diet meals that will make you will feel better, live healthier and live longer. Congratulations.  

Violet Goff