Agronomy in Brief

Agronomy in Brief

By Raghvendra Goud

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There are few books in Agronomy which satisfies the requirements of students, particularly preparing for competitive examinations. This book is designed to satisfy their needs and is presented in a systematic manner to understand every fundamental aspect related to agronomy. This book covers all the basic concepts of agronomy viz., tillage, sowing, soil fertility and nutrient management, water management, weed management, dryland agriculture and sustainable agriculture. Some of the new topics like climate change, herbicide resistance and herbicide tolerant crops were also included. Current statistics related to agriculture is also provided for the benefit of the students. This book will be very much useful for those students preparing for NET, ARS, JRF, SRF and PG and Ph.D entrance examinations. Contents: 1.Introduction to Agronomy 2. Agricultural Research Institutes 3. Botanical Names of Crops 4. Text Books and their Authors 5. Journals and their Publishers 6. Agricultural Meteorology 7. Soil Environment and its Modification 8. Problematic soils and Management 9. Tillage 10. Seeds and Sowing 11. Plant Population 12. Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management 13. Growth and Development of Crops 14. Dryland Agriculture 15. Soil Conservation 16. Water Management 17. Weed Management 18. Cropping and farming Systems 19. Maturity and Harvesting 20. Quality of Agricultural Produce 21. Sustainable Agriculture 22. Agroforestry 23. Climate Change 24. Other Important Concepts 25. Agricultural Statistics 26. Recent Stastistics and General Agriculture

Raghvendra Goud