The Wishing Horse Of Oz

The Wishing Horse Of Oz

By Ruth Plumly Thompson

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What could be more interesting than an Oz mystery? What, indeed? "Why, " I can almost hear you shout, "Two Oz mysteries. " And here you have them in this newest Oz story, two very mysterious mysteries to solve and ponder over and so many new Kingdoms and characters, I can hardly remember the proper spelling for their names. You will be glad to know that Dorothy has most of the strange adventures in this book and remember Pigasus? Well, I have long suspected Pigasus could be useful as well as poetical, and now that he has so convincingly proved his prowess (how do you like THAT word?) we 'll have to treat him with more respect and dignity. This is a quality Green Bird Publications soft cover

Ruth Plumly Thompson

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  • arslan
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  • 9788832523591
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  • Published:
  • February 21, 2019
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