BRITISH MYSTERIES Boxed Set: 70+ Spy Thrillers  &  Detective Stories

BRITISH MYSTERIES Boxed Set: 70+ Spy Thrillers & Detective Stories

By Emma Orczy

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This meticulously edited crime & mystery collection includes the spy novels, thrillers, murder mysteries and detective stories from the author of the famous Scarlet Pimpernel. Novels: The Emperor's Candlesticks The Nest of the Sparrowhawk The Heart of a Woman (A True Woman) Short Stories: The Old Man in the Corner The Fenchurch Street Mystery A Millionaire in the Dock His Deduction The Robbery in Phillimore Terrace A Night's Adventure All He Knew The York Mystery The Capital Charge A Broken-Hearted Woman The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway The Liverpool Mystery A Cunning Rascal The Edinburgh Mystery A Terrible Plight Non Proven Undeniable Facts The Theft at the English Provident Bank Conflicting Evidence An Alibi The Dublin Mystery Forgery A Memorable Day An Unparalleled Outrage (The Brighton Mystery) The Prisoner A Sensation The Regent's Park Murder The Motive Friends The De Genneville Peerage (The Birmingham Mystery) A High-Bred Gentleman The Living and the Dead The Mysterious Death in Percy Street Suicide or Murder The End Unravelled Knots The Khaki Tunic The Ingres Masterpiece The Pearl Necklace The Russian Prince The Mysterious Tragedy in Bishop'S Road The Dog'S Tooth Cliff The Tytherton Case The Brudenell Court The White Carnation The Montmartre Hat The Miser of Maida Vale The Fulton Gardens Mystery A Moorland Tragedy Lady Molly of Scotland Yard The Ninescore Mystery The Frewin Miniatures The Irish-Tweed Coat The Fordwych Castle Mystery A Day's Folly A Castle in Brittany A Christmas Tragedy The Bag of Sand The Man in the Inverness Cape The Woman in the Big Hat Sir Jeremiah's Will The End Skin o' My Tooth The Murder in Saltashe Woods The Case of the Sicilian Prince The Duffield Peerage Case -- The Kazan Pearls The Case of Major Gibson The Inverted Five The Turquoise Stud Overwhelming Evidence The Case of Mrs. Norris The Murton-Braby Murder A Shot in the Night The Hungarian Landowner

Emma Orczy